Frequently Asked Questions

How Did You Discover Wire Wrapping?

When I was in high school, I took a beginners course in jewelry making at Sanaa Studios. It was just for fun and when the class was over, I put it aside. While working part-time after graduating from university, I decided to try jewelry making again just as a hobby. I took a one day refresher class at Sanaa, bought my own set of tools and began making things at home. My sister took the first piece I made and never gave it back. So, I started Leigh-An Jewelry in June 2017 with an Instagram page and turned my growing hobby into business.

Did You Go To Art School?

No, I didn’t study jewelry, design or fashion in school.

I graduated from the University of Technology, Jamaica with a BSc in Hospitality & Tourism Management. The only art classes I attended were a jewelry making course at Sanaa Studios. I learned the basics of copper wire jewelry and wire wrapping and from there on was self-taught.

Do You Make Everything Yourself?

Yes. All Leigh-An Jewelry products are handcrafted by me, Brianna Johnson, in my home workspace.

Do You Plan Or Sketch Your Designs Ahead Of Time?

No, I don’t sketch my designs. For one, I’m not that great at drawing (yet). And two, I like to experiment and innovate. I may start with an image in mind, but often end up with something very different. That is why I like working with wire. It is malleable and adaptable. There is no such thing as mistakes, only unexpected steps that serve to make my pieces unique.

For example, my Twin Tree, symbolic of two lives growing and entwining together, actually came about by accident when I was attempting to make a Tree of Life.

I do have a few standard basic designs that I replicate, but my more complex pieces are often surprises.

What Materials Do You Use?

I use semiprecious gemstones bought from local sellers in Kingston, Jamaica, and coated tarnish resistant copper wire. My necklaces are black or brown nylon cord with copper clasps, or gold-filled chains.

What Are The Gemstones Good For?

Gemstones have widely varying properties and meanings attached to them. See the Gemstone Index for more.

How Do You Choose Your Gemstones?

I choose the gemstones that I use individually based on the colour, clarity, shape, and if I can picture a design on it that I want to try.

My favourite gemstones are amethyst, tiger’s eye, pyrite, labradorite and moonstone.

Do You Accept Custom Order Requests?

Yes. Custom order requests can be made by email.