About Us

Jeweler, Designer, Creator

“I started making jewelry pieces at home for fun. Then my sister took one of my necklaces, fell in love and never gave it back. I set up an Instagram business page that same day.”

Brianna Johnson at first took up jewelry making as a hobby and began experimenting with copper wire wrapping. In crafting by hand, she discovered an avenue that allowed her to express her creativity. With little desire to pursue a traditional career, Brianna was motivated by the desire to be self-sufficient to turn her hobby into a business that allowed for the freedom to work from home and on her own schedule.

Using her middle name Leigh-An (which means “beautiful woman”) as a business name, Brianna began her career as a creative entrepreneur with mostly self-taught designs developed through experimentation.

“I love making things by hand, experimenting, improving, and being surprised by the end result, making something unique that I haven’t seen before.”

Leigh-An Jewelry started in 2017 with glass and decorative stones before evolving into gemstone jewelry. Her products are made from semiprecious gemstones bought from local suppliers, and coated tarnish resistant copper wire.

Produced in a home studio in Kingston, Jamaica, Leigh-An Jewelry is available for shipping worldwide with products ranging from exquisite gemstone necklaces to playful copper wire pieces that can be worn for a night out or as casual daywear.

“I love the sense of community that we have in the art and craft industry, and the interconnectivity that fosters creative development.”


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